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What is Tarot?

Tarot is a form of cartomacy or divination. Practitioners use cards to gain insight into a situation whether it be from the past, present or future. Tarot tells us stories about our lives, and ways we could live better. It can also be a reflection of what we are experiencing within at the current time the reading is taking place. Tarot Reading does not Predict the Future but is based on the Probable Outcome of Events which is influenced by the current behaviour and attitude of the Querant and those around them.  A reading can be open or specific questions can be used to gain insight


 In Tarot no Card is viewed as totally negative as each has something to teach us. All cards represent part of the Human Experience of Life. The Death Card does not carry a meaning of Physical Death, but one of liberation from a negative situation or the end of a particular cycle in our Life. It suggests change, transformation and transition. The release of the old to make room for the new. It is not a card to be feared.   


Tarot cards are not dangerous, evil or bad luck, but are simply an expression of our subconscious wherein lies the answers or solutions to all our Life Issues. A Tarot Reading is similar to Dream Interpretation where our subconscious relays information to us through the imagery on the cards.

Areas covered include:
Heart Lock and Crown
Relationships &
couples readings
Guidance for future
goals & desires
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Careers & Opportunities
Inner Growth &
Spiritual Development

Tarot vs Oracle

Tarot decks tend to follow a traditional structure. Traditional tarot decks are usually compromised of 22 major arcana cards, and 56 minor arcana cards. The major arcana focuses on major life issues while the minor arcana focuses on day to day life. The minor arcana is made up of four suits which are wands, swords, pentacles and cups. Each suit is connected to an element and have their own meanings. Pentacles is associated with earth or earthly matter such as money, materialistic matters. Wands is associated with fire which is actions & movement. Swords is associated with air which deals with logical thinking or matters of the mind. Last but certainly not least is cups which is associated with water or emotional matters. Tarot cards also have court cards which are the king, queen, knight and pages. Court cards often represent people which is often the personality of the querent and the people that influence the life of the querent. Oracle cards on the other hand do not have a set number of cards in the deck ,and can contain various types of content. Most tarot decks follow the traditional structure of the rider Waite decks, and generally share common themes and messages. Every oracle deck is unique as it is entirely up to the designer to create every aspect of it unlike tarot oracle decks have no traditional structure to follow.

Tarot Reading Disclaimer and Consent Disclaimer All tarot/oracle card readings done by Allecia Verga are for entertainment purposes only. Readings are NOT a substitute for professional advice. By participating in a reading you acknowledge that I Allecia Verga am not a licensed psychologist, lawyer or health care professional, and my services do not replace the services or advice of legal or medical professionals. Please seek legal or medical advice or services if needed. Allecia Verga does not prescribe or diagnose any condition, physical or mental illness. I will at all times exercise my best professional efforts, skills and care. However, I cannot guarantee the outcome of readings, and my comments about the outcome are expressions of opinion only. I cannot make any guarantees other than to deliver the services purchased as described to the best of my ability. Please be aware that the cards may not always show you what you want to hear, but may be something you NEED to hear.




I am not liable if the future depicted in the tarot reading has come to pass or not. The future is ever changing, a single action can shift everything that could occur and so readings are only a glimpse at a current future that could change at any moment; because of this any number of futures exist and I cannot be held accountable if the one depicted did not come to pass.  


I am not liable for the actions of the client brought up by the information in a reading. The cards will likely advise you on certain courses of action to take, but that does not mean I am telling you what to do. That is not my role. Your decisions are 100% your own, and I do not impede the free will of others. Imay advise or share opinions, but ultimately your decisions are your own.




All information exchanged between my client and myself during readings and/or emails shall remain confidential. No personal information shall be passed on to anyone, including third parties. I care very much about keeping everyone involved in this business safe and looked after. I will not discriminate against or be rude towards any client due to their questions. Anything that you believe is worth consulting me about shall be done with no hesitation.




Terms and Conditions   


 1. The purpose of my readings is to empower the client, help bring clarity  As the client you have the right to ask questions how I am deciphering the current information within our allotted reading time. You also have the right to ask for more clarification should something be unclear. This is your time, you paid for it, and you have the right to understand what is going on. However, please try not to spend too much time asking questions about my process so that our time is properly focused on your reading.        


2.    I will be honest and upfront with you about my abilities, and what I can and cannot sense or interpret for you. At all times I will endeavor to present myself to you honestly, responsibly and with integrity. As such I am not a psychic medium and do not claim to be.     


3.    My readings are non-judgemental. I welcome clients no matter their spiritual paths, culture, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity etc. I will respect you and hold space for you.     


4.    I will not read for anyone under the influence of intoxicants. I do not read for clients under the age of 18. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.     


5.    No single reader is perfect for every single client. On rare occasions, I may encounter a client with whom things just don’t seem to “connect” Should you be one of those clients, I will do my best to discern that as quickly as possible so as to not waste your time, and I will refer you onward to several other trustworthy and ethical readers, and issue a full refund.     


 6.      I am happy to do a reading on the following, and other related ethical topics:  


 *   Relationships   

 •    Career   

 •    Friendships   

 •    Children   

 •    Family dynamics   

 •    Financial outlooks   

 •    Personal betterment and spiritual seeking  


 I will NOT do a reading on the following, and other related unethical topics:   

 •    Lottery numbers   

 •    Spying on another person or seeing what someone other than my client is doing or feeling   

 •    When and how you are going to die   

 •    I do not remove or cast spells or curses   

 •    Medical advice   

 •    Legal advice   


 7.     I do not answer “quick follow-up questions” after the reading has concluded due to the constraints of my personal schedule. I simply do not have the time. Please be sure to ask me whatever you need during our session, and respect my time as I respect yours. If you have follow-up questions, please consider purchasing a follow-up reading.   


 8.    If you are disrespectful, obnoxious, or behave in a threatening manner, your reading will be instantly terminated, and you will not receive a refund. I do not tolerate having any displaced anger projected upon me. I am not a stand-in for the person or people in your life that aggravate you. Treat me with respect as I will treat you, otherwise our time together will be immediately ceased.     


9.    The Services are offered subject to my acceptance of your order or requests. No order is deemed accepted by me until payment has been processed   


 10.    You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of the Service, use of the Service, or access to the Service or any contact on the website through which the service is provided, without express written permission by me.        


11. A Tarot Consultancy Reading is a Two-Way Process. I will ask Questions during a Reading and expect the Involvement of The Querant in their Reading. This helps The Cards to Yield more Information, thus enabling the Reading to Open Up and Expand.               


 12. Tarot Reading does not Predict the Future but is based on the Probable Outcome of Events which is influenced by the current behaviour and attitude of the Querant and those around them.               


 13. In Tarot no Card is viewed as totally Negative as Each has something to teach us. All Cards represent part of the Human Experience of Life. The Death Card does not carry a meaning of Physical Death but one of Liberation from a Negative Situation or the end of a Particular Cycle in our Life. It suggests Change, Transformation and Transition. The Release of the Old to make room for the New. It is not a Card to be Feared.             


   14. Tarot Cards are not Dangerous, Evil or Bad Luck, but are simply an expression of our Subconscious wherein lies the answers or solutions to all our Life Issues. A Tarot Reading is similar to Dream Interpretation where our Subconscious relays information to us through the Imagery On The Cards.


Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy


Please be certain you have availability within my published business hours before booking an appointment, to ensure I will have the availability to provide the reading you seek. Should you need to cancel or reschedule your reading, I require 24-hour notice, as is standard practice of most professional businesses. If you cancel before the 24-hour window, your money shall be refunded. If you reschedule, your payment will be applied toward your next appointment. Failure to provide 24-hour notice will result in the forfeiture of your refund. 24-hour (or longer) notice of cancellation is the only instance in which I will provide refunds, so please be absolutely certain you want to book an appointment with me before you click that "Buy Now" button. If you are running late for your appointment it is your responisbility to communicate to me your lateness. A quick phone call, text or email is all that I need, and should only take a moment of your time. Provided that you communicate with me, I will honor the remainder of your appointment time. If you are a no-show, with no communication to me, I will not read for you again. This may seem harsh, but consider that is not only disrespectful, I could have scheduled another client in your place. I value your time. Please value mine.


Payment and Booking


All readings and services require payment in advance of your appointment. Receipt of payment will trigger the scheduling process and product creation process. Credit cards and PayPal are both accepted through my online secured "Book Now" page. If you fail to provide payment ahead of your appointment, I will not read for you. Thank you for honoring my policies, and thank you for your business! 

Disclaimer & Policies

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