What is Tarot?

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Tarot is a form of cartomacy or divination. Practitioners use cards to gain insight into a situation whether it be from the past, present or future. Tarot tells us stories about our lives, and ways we could live better. It can also be a reflection of what we are experiencing within at the current time the reading is taking place. Tarot Reading does not Predict the Future but is based on the Probable Outcome of Events which is influenced by the current behaviour and attitude of the Querant and those around them.  A reading can be open or specific questions can be used to gain insight


 In Tarot no Card is viewed as totally negative as each has something to teach us. All cards represent part of the Human Experience of Life. The Death Card does not carry a meaning of Physical Death, but one of liberation from a negative situation or the end of a particular cycle in our Life. It suggests change, transformation and transition. The release of the old to make room for the new. It is not a card to be feared.   


Tarot cards are not dangerous, evil or bad luck, but are simply an expression of our subconscious wherein lies the answers or solutions to all our Life Issues. A Tarot Reading is similar to Dream Interpretation where our subconscious relays information to us through the imagery on the cards.

Areas covered include:
Heart Lock and Crown
Relationships &
couples readings
Guidance for future
goals & desires
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Careers & Opportunities
Inner Growth &
Spiritual Development
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